Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A tool I can't live without!

I bought myself this thing off QVC during Christmas, on a whim. With all the chopping, and slicing, and dicing I do, sometimes I just want a little help.
This picture doesn't show all the components I have with mine, but
I sell Pampered Chef, and I SOOOO wish we sold something like this!!!
I would sell millions of them!!!
It is awesome!!!
My kids use it, it dices onions to microscopic little perfect squares,
it'll make shoestring potatoes, it is just plain ole' awesome.
All you have to remember is to wet the blade every time you take it out of your drawer. After that, the food automatically wets the blades.
I use it to cut peppers, onions, celery, zucchini, you name it... into perfect tiny squares!
It'll do big and medium squares too, just change out the handle, it is sooo easy!!!
My boys fight over who gets to use it, and I get them in the kitchen with me! Win Win!
My cornbread muffins are studded with restaurant style confetti now.
Pasta Salad looks like a party in the bowl!
Genius Nicer Dicer from QVC... other places may sell it, but you won't get as many components unless you buy it from QVC.
Try it!!


Kim said...

I have something like that I got as a gift for Christmas, but it only has a slicing blade and the small squares. I was never really impressed with it, but yours looks way niftier than the one I have. I'll have to check it out. Thanks!

Saundra said...

Do Kim, it is well worth it. All 6 pieces was maybe $25!

I use it every single day.