Sunday, April 06, 2008


I am still working on my pantry raid. Almost done.
My Mama brought a trough of Homemade Pasta Sauce today,
and I portioned it out to 7 meals. I gave one away, and hopefully,
if Angela takes me up on it,
I will give another one away.
Any other takers?? I am happy to oblige! We get this sauce all the time!
So this week, in no particular order, depending on my mood and time allowed... we are having
Peanut butter/honey baked Chicken, peas, and salad
Meatball sandwiches, salad
3 bean Mexican Chicken Chili, cornbread
Whole Wheat Pancakes, orange juice, frozen/defrosted strawberries
Swordfish steaks, fresh salsa, salad, homemade bread
That's all for now... I'm gonna go crochet now. I'm prepped out.


Letti said...

Thanks for posting your menu. I am going to do a breakfast for dinner the following week. I always forget I can do that too. Thanks for the idea.

angela said...

I'll take you up on that! Thank you. I think looking at menus helps the creative part of cooking. Reminds me that there are other things out there to cook.

Saundra said...

Yes, I agree Angela...

The sauce is waiting for ya!