Friday, April 11, 2008

There is something so soothing about Fridays.
Even though I don't work outside the home... I still look forward to Fridays.
Maybe it's all the possibilities, culinary or otherwise.
This weekend, because the weather is so wonderful...I am going to experiment a little bit in the kitchen.
I don't bake... at all... but this weekend, I am going to make cookies, healthy versions of some favorites.
I am on the Flax Seed Meal kick and have been adding it to everything, scones, bread, pizza crust, everything...
It adds 10g of fiber per Tablespoon.
AND it's tastes great. Johnny eats it dry, right out of the bag. Weirdo.
So I am gonna make Peanut Butter, Lemon Tea, and Black Forest Chocolate Crinkles.
And if you are lucky... I'll send some over to ya!
Recipes for the cookies in later posts!
Remember to set up your prep time for next week. Even if you get just one thing done in advance, you are that much farther ahead.
I didn't know having onions all ready to go for the week could be so freeing! Proof positive I really need to get a life. A real one.
Ciao Ciao!

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