Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I don't have to cook tonight!!!

I don't have to cook tonight!!!
My father in law is coming over for Bill's B-day (it's Friday) and taking them out to dinner.
I am going to stay home so they can have man time.
Then they are going to go to Bill's Yankee's game, which I won't be attending because Alex isn't even here... so why watch!!!
I am going to re-arrange my pantry. I know it DOES NOT sound like fun... but actually,
there is a lot of rearranging to be done since it is so sparce now, because I cooked almost everything out of it for 3 weeks, and I looking forward to all the extra space for some appliance storage!!
As soon as I get rid of this sinus headache I have going on, I will post another Lunchbox idea.
Carry on!

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