Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Food Kebabs

A word about Kebab sticks.
I use blunt bamboo ones. You might want to check with your school and see if they are okay to use or bring to school. They come in 3 sizes...
1. toothpick
2. 6 inches
3. 12 inches.
Kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE anything on a skewer. If you can't bring them to school, think creatively and use fishing line, string, thread, pretzels, whatever!
For example...
String some cheese cubes and tomatoes on a 6-8 inch fishing line for a lunch "necklace" or "bracelet". (no, they don't wear it... it's just a play on words)(but if your kid wants to wear cheese, hey, who am I to judge! Vive Le Difference!)
Make cheese cube 'barbells" by using a pretzel stick and sticking a cheese cube on either end.
If you can use skewers,(cut the sharp end off after the food is on it) I love skewering cheese and fruit together. Mine love Cheddar and Watermelon or Apple. (not William, mostly just Johnny now) (William likes his food normal, he's a big Jr. High kid now) or just a couple of skewers of fruit!
You can even roll up lunch meat and skewer the "sandwich" on a stick!
Encourage the kids to "play" with their food by writing down some math problems on a napkin and tell them when they use their "Skewer Abbacus" to answer the problem, they can eat the Abbacus.
Get as simple or elaborate as you wish! Kids will feel great when even lunch gives the other kids something to envy! It's not fun when the other parents call you saying how much more difficult you made life for them, but they change their tunes when their kids aren't complaining about fruit and cheese or veggies any more. It's all in how you package it! (Those same parents are the ones saying their kids won't eat anything "green" or remotely good for them)
Skewer Marshmallows and mini snickers for a cute sweet treat on Fridays. I would use a toothpick size for this one.
Cut all the cheese and fruit on one day, and just skewer them fresh each day or evening!
Thanks for reading!
Ciao Ciao!


tamara said...

Thank you Saundra that is a great idea for fruit and cheese I think i will use it for square dancing one night when I have to bring snacks.

Tamara S

Kim said...

What a great idea! My girls will love it! I'm trying it tomorrow. I even have skewers :)

Saundra said...

Yeah Kim! I even serve them to adults for an interesting twist.