Monday, April 21, 2008


Lemons are in season, so are limes, and when the summer gets here,
the prices will be way too high to warrant buying them in bulk.
So why not take advantage of the abundance the season has to offer us and pick or buy
lemons now... squeeze them all at once, and freeze the juice for yummy
lemonade for the summer?
Limeade is my favorite. I love the intense tang. Costco has big bags of lime right now, and they smell so wonderful! Before I juice them, I grate little of the rind and freeze it separately, so I can add it to the juice when I make it. It lends a great picante to the blend.
I use frozen strawberries or blueberries as ice cubes too. So yummy!
I am gonna juice today, and put the juice into freezer trays.
I love putting a cube or two into a freshly made vegetable soup
or stew for that final zing needed to blend it all together.
You can candy your lemon rind too.
Make sure to buy organic or home grown if you are going to do this.
To candy rind you need...
Equal parts sugar and water
brought to a boil.
Drop in rind and simmer until just opaque,
Take out of syrup and dry on wax paper. I like to dredge them, wet, in superfiine sugar.
When they are dry, put them in a jar or vacuum pack.

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