Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bag some Salad today!

A really easy way to get dinner ready in a flash is to stock up on bagged salads, precut strips of carrot and red cabbage in a bag to give the bagged salad some color and more nutrients.
My friend Angela makes AWESOME salads.
Since having hers, I have been adding corn, pea pods avacado, croutons etc. to our ready made salads.
The trick to these salad bags is making sure no air gets into that bag after it's opened. Air is the enemy in this case.
I also love buying the hearts of Romaine from Costco. You get 6 for a couple of bucks and they are crunchy and take a long time to turn brown. I use one heart a night for salad.
Cherry tomatoes are a great buy. They make a great snack with ranch and look beautiful on a salad.
I also buy those from Costco. You get so much more for the money.
Bagged Salad... its a smart, fast, simple, thing!


angela said...

Try lightly steaming veggies, any you can think of, cool them, then add those to your salad. My mom does that and it gives the salad a different texture.

kathyc said...

Do you know of an easy way to peel jicima? I love the taste and have to be very careful with knives (such a cluts!). Anyway, my peeler is useless, but I love jicima in our salads and as a crunchy snack.