Thursday, April 10, 2008

Pantry Raid is Over!

Okay... so last night was the first time in 8 days or since I had gone to the grocery store.
My pantry has really emptied.
Last night after our baseball game, I drove straight to the store and stocked up on fruit, veggies and milk.
I only spent $56.03 and I think it will last me almost all week.
Raiding my pantry made me see all the frozen fish and chicken I still have in my freezer. Plus, I have lots of pasta left too!
Tonight is Pancake night.
Here was my strategy for spending so little...
I scoured the Stater Bros flyer,
only bought items I use that were on severe sale, and didn't go hungry or thirsty.
So I got (5lbs) apples at 50 cents a pound
oranges (5lbs) at the same price,
bean sprouts (2 bags)
shredded cabbage (2 bags)
whole head of cabbage
onions (5)
romaine lettuce (3)
2 gallons of milk
whole wheat bread
(I hate how much they charge for 100% whole wheat bread)
2 bottles of dressing (Ken's Steakhouse)
light sour cream
dishwashing liquid
magic erasers
bell peppers
So my challenge is to incorporate these items into my menu for the week.
I am really trying to pare down our grocery expenditures to $100 per week.
More on how another day...

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kathyc said...

Wow!!! $100/week for 5 of you? That's great. At one point I calculated our grocery budget at $650/month. That's without watching sales (except meat, I only buy it on sale) and a little bit of liquor. We barely drink.