Thursday, April 10, 2008


Thirteen of my favorite kitchen tools!
1. Spatulas
2. Stainless steel bowls
3. Genius Nicer Dicer
4. Pampered Chef knives
5. PC bamboo spoons
6. Stoneware Bar Pan
7. Staub Cast Iron Dutch Oven
8. Off set spatula
9. Tongs
10. Family Skillet
11. Rice Cooker Plus
12. Prep Bowls
13. Salad Spinner
Tag! You're IT!


angela said...

Good cheese graters, good knives, and good spoons are a must. I also have a thing for great platters and bowls.

Kim said...

I just finshed reading all of your blogs. ALL of them :)You are so funny, and have such interesting things to say. I agree with a lot of your opinions, espescially about parents raising kids. I came to this blog after I read your Italian Mama blog. I knew I could really learn a lot from you, since I am a young mother of three with one on the way, and not a great cook at all. I will definitely be following your blogs and trying out some of your recipes. Your blog reminds me of a book I read once called Sink Reflections, about how to organize and keep a clean house. I'm sure you've thought about this, but you could totally write a sister book about organizing and cooking meals! I'd buy it. You would probably be ashamed to hear it, but my favorite kitchen tool is my Microwave! I try to cook for my family nightly, but often give in to temptation and throw a frozen meal, or canned goods into the microwave. I also really like my food processor and my new kitchen aide mixer. I hope to learn a lot from you. Thanks for sharing!
(Sorry, I'm wordy too!)

Kim in Texas