Thursday, April 10, 2008

To Kim in Texas

Kim, you have not only made my day... you have made my year thus far.
You have NO idea how your words resonated with me today.
I immediately called my hubby and (while crying tears of joy) read him your comment.
I never, ever, ever, ever knew how much of a RUSH it could be for someone to READ me.
I cannot describe it.
My husband has been bugging and prodding me to write a book for 10 years, and today he said
"See! Will you at least take her word for it?"
If and When I do write it, Kim... I will put your name in the credits along with my loved ones.
Sometimes it takes a stranger to make you see what your heart truly wants to do.
You may be learning from me, Kim, but I may have just started a new path to my life... because of you!
Thank you... Thank you... Thank you!
P.S. Never apologize for using your microwave. If it keeps you and your kids out of the fast food line... bravo!
P.P.S I, too, have just thrown stuff into the microwave and called it dinner... the trick is to not do it every single night.

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Kim said...

That was so sweet! You even brought a tear to my eye, and if I weren't slacking off at work again, I may have actually cried right along with you! I had no idea my words would be so strong, but I hope that you do follow your path, and WRITE THAT BOOK! I sincerely enjoy your blog, and will continue to check up on you. Now that I'm caught up with you (I have a hard time not going all the way back to the beginning when I read an interesting post on a new blog) I'll be sure to comment and not lurk so much :) Have a wonderful day!