Friday, April 04, 2008

Dinner...the sequel

I checked out my rapidly dwindling freezer (yay!) and found some Tilapia steaks, frozen peas and whole wheat rolls.
So I'm gonna add the broccoli I have in the fridge, and some CousCous I have in the pantry and make a meal.
I'm going to make the CousCous with chicken stock and flavor it with peas, craisins, scallions and slivered almonds.
The Tilapia will be lightly breaded and the broccoli will be the Tilapia's "bed" along with copious amounts of onions, and this great smoky seasoning from Costco. I'm going to roast the broccoli and onions in the oven for about 20 minutes then place the Tilapia on top of it for the last 10 minutes. Viola, dinner is served!
I have decided to make pizza dough again, on Saturday... so Letti, you are more than welcome to join me, and anyone else that wants to, can too! Oh, I wish I had some squash flowers to put on a pizza. YUM! I am going to make "white" pizza's again... that means no sauce.
Sunday will be Pasta, and homemade bread with a Salad. I have a show that day... so I will make the bread on Saturday and just put it in the fridge to rise overnight.
Happy prepping and eating!
Tip for the weekend... Try to cook one more meal at home than you normally would this weekend. Calculate what you would have spent on a meal out, and PUT THAT MONEY IN YOUR SAVINGS ACCOUNT!

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