Sunday, July 13, 2008


It was a nice weekend... Not too much mayhem, got some things done...
But it is time to prep again for the week.
Since I have been baking my own bread, I have saved about 150 bucks on Artisan Bread I used to buy for 4.99 a loaf, and now make about 8 loaves for that same price.
I have a batch of regular and a batch of bagel dough all ready to go in the back fridge. I made the dough 3 days ago.
Today's prep involved the usual onions, peppers, pasta salad making and such, but I noticed that William's appetite has doubled since football training started, and he needs more sustainable food in the morning to keep him going the 4 hours until lunch. Cereal just isn't cutting it.
So tonight, when it gets cooler, I'll be making a big batch of pancakes with wheatgerm and flax seed, and boiling up a dozen eggs or so. The protein should help him not feel so hungry before lunch and help build the muscles he is building on a daily basis. He will be limited to one a day because of the cholesterol content.
I was at the little 99 cent store here in town buying clear plastic for my tables and chairs out back and I noticed the bags and bags and bags of shelled and roasted pumpkin and sunflower seeds on a bin. I bought a bunch of them, put them into my favorite Lock n Lock containers and will be using them to fortify my homemade bread by adding them to the dough when I shape it.
I love bread with chunks of seeds and nuts in it.
Have any of you jumped on the Prep bandwagon?
Or are you just laughing at me every time I post this?
If you are laughing... laugh away... dinner takes me 15 minutes to make now, from start to finish, and all the time consuming stuff is done in one day!
I have given myself more time to swim or read!!!
Hardee har har!

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kathyc said...

Well, yes, this is a big part of my problem. I really need to visit you more frequently!