Monday, July 28, 2008

Bread... the saga continues.

I made my own cocktail type bread.
Save about 8 bucks in bread... those little loaves are exceedingly expensive.

This was the dinner bread at the party. We sliced it all up for dinner.

This was dinner on the 23rd. We also had pasta... but the tomato salad was the favorite.


I know... it seem like the BREAD BLOG these days... but it is SO satisfying making bread.
Yesterday, during Alex's party, I taught my Mom and sis in law how to make the dough, it was so satsifying teaching the technique too!
That tomato salad is awesome. So easy.
Cut up tomatoes, some onion and oil, balsamic and salt and pepper and you are in business!
Make it a greek salad by adding chunks of cucumbers and crumbled feta cheese.
Make it Italian Panzanella salad by adding fresh mozzarella cheese chunks and
cut up chunks of day old Artisan Bread.

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