Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Clearing the air.

You know what?
I have gotten some e mail about my "prep" day and it hasn't been understood.
So I am going to clear it up a little bit today, and this will be the only time I do so. I'd rather focus on positivity and not negativity.
First of all, I am not doing this blog to "make" anyone do anything.
Please know it is completely your choice if, when, how, what or where,you prep.
No one is the Prep Police, and no one is going to come over and check up on you.
It is completely up to you if you choose to do things this way.
This is just how I exist in my little world in my home, and I had a lot of people ask me over the years, how I am able to get meals on the table every night, with all I have going on with my business, family, lifestyle etc...
Okay there, I hope that dispells any myth that I am trying to ram anything down anyones throats and make everyone come on over to the "dark side" that is prep in a few peoples worlds.
A couple of people also don't appreciate that I say things like "here in America" or "The Europeans do it this way". These people say I sound anti American.
Remember, I was raised by new immigrants. My home was little Italy, in America. I didn't even feel like I was born here until I moved out and got married!
Those of you that came to my party understand now with all the Italians in the room!
It was like a Godfather movie... only the people were nicer!
I will NEVER, EVER apologize for my heritage, and for how I was brought up. I had the BEST time in my formative years, and wouldn't trade it for anything! I have been to Italy twice and my kids have been there once. Going abroad changes you. It really makes you see the "big picture", and my kids and family are changed forever by having experienced a completely different lifestyle and immersed ourselves in it happily. I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that I think Europeans live a MUCH better lifestyle than we do here.
Sorry, just my opinion.
They really know how to take life and live it to the fullest!
I re read my posts, and I know I don't come across as preachy, just informative.
Those of you who "get me", thank you... those of you who don't, I hope this clears things up, and I thank you too for emailing me personally and airing your opinions, but please know that this is my blog, and I am entitled to say and post whatever I feel.
This week has been a banner week for people really not liking my way of doing things
and telling me so.
To all my readers, thank you so much for comments, input, teaching me new things, recipes, ways you do things in your kitchens, and just reading! I really appreciate you!
Onward and upward we go... shall we?


Andi said...

I too was brought up in an Italian household and it was MUCH healthier than the typical American diet. We never ate fast food, sugared cereals, and had fruit for dessert. Let's not forget that America is a melting pot and ALL the immigrants over the past 200+ years have made this the best country in the world. Freedom of speech is still a right we all enjoy! So for those who don't like it I say move to Iraq.

Saundra said...


I can actually HEAR you say those things! YOU CRACK ME UP!
You are too funny!
Thank you!