Monday, June 16, 2008

The Great Tomato Debacle

I don't know about you... but I thought we lived in America!
The richest country on the planet.
The "go to" country for the worlds questions.
The land of the free, and the home of the brave!
If that last line is correct, we HAVE to be brave to eat vegetables anymore!
I am SO tired of this contamination stuff!
Many years ago, we couldn't take Tylenol because it was tainted by some madman.
A few years back, they said "Oh! Don't eat Alfalfa Sprouts, they'll kill ya!"
Then Lettuce, spinach, and now tomatoes! Are they kidding?
Do you realize how many products tomatoes are in?
Do we... as a nation... not understand the concept of quality control?
Maybe we should stop buying all our stuff from other countries and start becoming a nation that
builds things again! What a concept!
We are supposed to be smarter now than we were 100 years ago!
We can't even keep our own food supply safe, and we want to feed other countries?
I don't want us to kill innocent people!
Our babies aren't safe from their TOYS!
There is something terribly awry here!
In Europe, they grow all their own food. They don't import much of anything except cars and electronics. They certianly don't import their fresh food, and they have bans on
High Fructose Corn Syrup. We should do the same. We would all be much happier and healthier.
I, for one, will only be buying Organic from now on, Yeah, they say those aren't considered safe either, but at least the food is mostly grown locally, and sometimes, hydroponically.
I don't care about the price right now.
It makes me so mad that a bag of chips goes on sale for $1.69 and peaches are 4.99 a lb.
WHY! It should be the other way around!
Why are soda's 69 cents a 2 liter bottle, and real juices 5 bucks?
It makes NO sense!
I'll shut up now. Oh, I am so glad I have a place to vent.
We are going backwards instead of forwards!
Apparently it's okay to buy tomatoes on the vine, or grow our own and eat them.
We'll see if they'll change their tune about that too.
Be careful with jarred tomato sauces and salsas.
I usually buy canned tomatoes imported from Italy, so I know they are safe.
But all my other stuff in the cupboard and fridge?
I may have to hire a food taster until our Gov't gets their heads out of their butts!


Andi said...

I read about this and the contamination was caused by restaurant employees not washing their hands and not practicing safe food handling techniques. The sad thing is many people have no ethics or values and could care less about doing the right thing. They seem to care only if they get something out of it. I'm sure we've all been witness to this in stores, restaurants, etc. Very sad.

Saundra said...

So why is there a ban on tomatoes across the country? Shouldn't it be from just restaurants?

They made a blanket statement when they sent the alert out.

I still think it is deplorable how our food supply has been tainted so much lately.

I agree with you, it seems no one cares about others any more as long as they have theirs.

Thanks for commenting Andi!

angela said...

I worry that we don't have enough room to actually become farmers again in parts of the US, because of all the houses.
I want to join a co-op to get fresh fruit and veggies. That way I can support the growers here.