Sunday, May 25, 2008


Todays prep consisted of cooking up a bunch of pasta and bagging it up,
chopping up the onion, celery and various veggies for the week,
and refilling all my containers of olive oil, flour, sugar, pepper, salt etc...
I wanted to bake some fresh bread this weekend, and every trip to the store, I forgot to pick some flour up.
I hate running out of things in my kitchen.
So I am devising a new plan to always keep my personal staples on hand.
Not really a plan, just a list.
It will keep changing with the seasons, but these are my staples for right now...
King Arthur Flour
Balsamic Vinegar
Olive Oils
Krusteaz Cornbread Mix
Slivered Almonds
Various Pastas
Frozen Corn and Peas
Cans of Crushed and Whole tomatoes
Chicken Stock
Canned Salmon
So there you have it! My list Du Jour!


PJH said...

Whoa, we're SO happy to be at the top of your staples list, Saundra! Thanks for your loyalty - PJ Hamel, on behalf of the 167 employee-owners at King Arthur Flour

Saundra said...

Thank you so very much! How exciting to hear from you! Too cool!

I jusst love your flour, and my neighborhood grocery store has finally started carrying it prominently.