Tuesday, May 27, 2008

King Arthur Flour

Wow! A person from King Arthur Flour company commented on my Staples post. Needless to say, I was very excited.
Since they were so generous to take time out of their day to post a comment on this blog,
I thought I would post about them.
When I wrote King Arthur Flour on my Staples list, I mentioned them by brand name for a reason. It really matters what kind of flour you use when baking, especially baking bread.
There's the white stuff at the store, and then there is King Arthur.
It tastes better, it smells better, it isn't bleached or super mass produced
like every other flour.
Sure, it costs a little more, but your family is worth it! No?
It sure lasts a lot longer than a tank of gas!
They are committed to giving us the best quality wheat available, no matter what.
The proof is in the taste.
My bread rises higher, tastes better and is better for us since I started using King Arthur.
It is finally available at Stater Bros and not just at Trader Joes.
Pick up a bag, and revel in the taste. It looks a little different.
It actually has color because they haven't bleached all the goodness away.
I love supporting small, quality loving, employee owned companies that are always
striving to be the best and not resting on their laurels.
No, I am not being paid for this post.
I really do love this flour, and have used it for about 2 years now,
and will never go back to the
"white stuff".
Thank you PJH for commenting and Thank you King Arthur Flour!


PJH said...

Whoa, Saundra - thanks so much! I'm sharing this with everyone around the office. You rock! (And so does your blog...) Thanks again- PJH

P.S. You can have half of everything in my will, too, which will be about $120,000 of send-son-to-public-university debt...

Saundra said...

Thank you PJH!

I meant every word, and congratulations on your son going to college! Well Done!