Sunday, May 11, 2008

Prep today!

Yes, I know what day it is... yes... I prepped.
I had to! I hate deciding what's for dinner at the very last minute, like I used to.
I always seem to need onions, cheese, celery, and carrots all cut up, so that's what I do... every week. If I get nothing else at all done, I have at least saved myself 15-20 minutes of prep each night by doing it all on Sunday night!
I also cleaned out my fridge today. You know how all those heels of bread get jammed into the back of the fridge every week? Well, I had lots of those to throw out.
Fruit in season NOW!!!
Buy on sale in season to save much needed dough!
Look for bright green stripes, push on skin and make sure it's tight, no give.
Shake it... if the seeds are loose, it is very ripe and ready to eat. It should smell very sweet.
I shake this one also. Also, smells sweet, I like large cantaloupe.
Really check those cartons... stores tend to put beautiful fruit on top, with moldy fruit on the bottom. Don't wash berries until just ready to use or eat.
On the vine is best. Stay away from refrigerated tomatoes. They are devoid of all flavor.
Better yet.. buy a couple of plants and put them in a pot in the sun. Enjoy your own fanatastic tomatoes. The flavor is so different than store bought.
Have a great night!


angela said...

I am so excited for cantalope season! We aren't watermelon fans, but we can go through cantalope.

Saundra said...

I LOVE WATERMELON. I eat one in about 3 days.

Alex adores cantaloupe. He can eat an entire melon in one sitting if I let him.