Wednesday, May 07, 2008

30 Minute Chicken

As most of you know... I sell Pampered Chef and have for 8 1/2 years.
I have never baked a chicken in my life until we got the Deep Covered Baker in the catalog and PC came out with a 30 minute chicken recipe.
The catch is... it is all cooked in the microwave!!!
Yep... you read that right...
The microwave!!!
Here's what I do
Clean one whole chicken
Pat dry
sprinkle salt all over inside and outside of Chicken
Sprinkle Sweet N Smoky BBQ Rub all over or any of your favorite seasonings.
Place a layer of baby carrots on the bottom of baker
Place seasoned Chicken on top of carrots
Microwave for 3o MINUTES
Let rest 1o minutes to redistribute the juices.
Carve and enjoy!!!
I buy chickens when they are on sale, for only $3.00 each and store them in my freezer.

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kathyc said...

For those of you who doubt, I've had this chicken at Saundra's and it's so moist. It even browns!