Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Keep it Fresh Bags

I have never wanted to hug a machine more in my life! Weird? Yep... what of it? Hee hee!
So I am trying out some new bags I bought for produce. I'm sure you've heard of them. I've actually had them for about a year, but forgot I bought them. (Way back when, I bought stuff just to buy it, I'm over it)
Now, I am going to use them.
The things I am talking about are those reclosable plastic bags that have a treatment inside them to prevent food from rotting quickly. I bought them from QVC and there are 36 of them. They are reusable 8 times each and come in three color and sizes.
Last night I put my carrots, apples, oranges, & zucchini in them. We'll see if they work.
The produce is supposed to be unwashed and dry before placing them in the bags.
I just HATE throwing out produce! It's like throwing money straight into the trash!
I'm waiting for strawberries to go on sale. They will be the true test of these bags.
Until later...

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angela said...

Let me know how they work out. I hate throwing fruit away, but some just need more time to be used.