Monday, August 04, 2008

Weekend Food Pictures!

Bill was putting up rain gutters yesterday... so I made quick Pizza with Boule dough, Sun dried tomatoes whizzed in my mini food processor, and saute'd onions, outside in my backyard kitchen oven. It kept the house cool, and they could eat it as soon as they smelled it was done!
The black thing it's on is a Stoneware Bar Pan.

What my containers look like, and what 2 hours rising on the counter does! Yum!

I decided to try quick cinnamon rolls with the left over dough from the huge pizza. So I slathered rolled out dough with butter, generously sprinkled brown sugar and cinnamon over it, added raisins, and rolled it up. This picture is before I cooked it.. while they were rising. I baked them outside too, so when they were done, I didn't get a chance to take a picture... I frosted them, and then they were GONE! I just used boule dough again. They said they were fantastic.

Ooey... Gooey... 2 hour dough. I like using it more after a refrigeration.

I add Flax Seed meal from Bob's Red Mill, in every batch now. 2 Tablespoons.

I got these containers from Smart n Final. 2 for 8 bucks.

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Adrian/Randy said...

looks yummy. I cant keep up!