Wednesday, August 13, 2008


OOOOH! School is just around the corner in our house...
so it must be close, if not already happening in yours!
I am already starting to stock up on lunch staples, a little at a time, every time
I shop.
So is what I have so far...
Granola Bars
Pretzel sticks
Dry Ranch Dressing Packets
Bags of Granola clusters
Beef Jerky
3 oz clear plastic containers with lids
Plastic Forks
Mini Packets of treats such as 100 calorie M&M's, & other chocolates
100% juice boxes (when they are on sale only)
So, I have lots more to get... but I find that buying a little at a time helps the weekly
budget better, because this stuff can get expensive.
Now that Will is a big bad High Schooler, I thought he was going to want to buy lunch everyday
and go out with his friends that drive and such... but... he knows how much we
pay for tuition, and he already told me he knows he needs to take his lunch.
He said he calculated what $5 a day for lunch came out to in a month, and even he felt it was a waste. He said he could think of other ways for us to spend that money.
He HATES that we are the only family left on the planet that doesn't have a big
screen TV and is mortified that our TV is so small (27") that we can't even see all the scores
for the Olympics, and he informed me that he would love to forego buying lunch to save up for a Big Screen TV.
I tell him all the time we can get one anytime we want... cash... but I just don't see the need.
His reply was ... "Oh, it's a CHOICE? AWWW MAN!" I just smiled and laughed.
So, Will will be taking his lunch to school everyday, whether he likes it or not. Whether we get a TV one of these days or not. I refuse to allow him to use any of his Ref money on
food. He is only allowed to buy things with lasting value.
Closer to the beginning of school, I will be stocking up on
Baby Carrots
Peanut Butter
Cheddar Cheese blocks
string cheese
or whatever fruit is on sale that week.

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