Sunday, August 10, 2008

I love Prep!

I was so very excited to hear one of my dear friends is
using this method of madness... prep.
Kathy, in a sweet email, mentioned to me, that while she may not be cutting and chopping,
and mincing and slicing one day a week, SHE IS setting aside time to get her shopping
and other kitchen duties done. She noticed a difference when she didn't do her
particular prep routine, and it hit her that planning ahead makes for a much
more relaxed and enjoyable experience in the kitchen.
It is such a treat to have something work out!
Prep can be anything you deem important.
I read a comment that Dee Dee posted on another blog recently, and she quoted
the Flylady. I LOVE THE FLYLADY! She says we should "Shine our sinks" "Put on our shoes and be ready for the day, everyday" "27 fling boogies" and all sorts of cool things.
Way back when... a few years ago, when I would visit her website and get email alerts, it really helped me with getting a routine down, a much needed thing in my house when I had 3 under 5.
Prep is meant to be a helper to you. To help you "just get it done" so you don't have to worry about it during your busy week. Whether your prep is paying your bills up, ravaging the freezer for items that will expire soon, shopping for staples and food needs for the week,
or cutting and chopping all my dinner and lunch items for the week, so all I have to do is dump and cook it, as long as it creates peace for you...IT'S PREP!
Since my job is about food prep, and my kids are human garbage disposals these days,
my food prep has become my "peaceful place". When it's done... I feel like all I have to do for dinner is put it together... all the brain work is done on Sundays.
I just don't fret anymore. I rarely ask myself... "What am I going to make for dinner tonight?"
And now... I frequently have an answer for my men when they ask "What's for dinner?"
I have taken the whole prep thing to other parts of my life too.
If I know I am going to do lots of laundry the next day... I will sort EVERYTHING the night before, and just eliminating that one little step ahead of time, so all I have to do is
place the clothes in the washer and press start.
Sometimes... I'll even pre measure 10 loads worth of detergent and put it in an egg crates I cut up into individual little cups on the top of the washer, again, eliminating a step, so all I have to do
is dump the cup into the appropriate area of my washer and press start.
Okay, that's a rarity, but it works great when you are gone and you want the person watching your house to use the specified amount of detergent for your new fangled washer and make it easy as pie for them.
Onward and upward with prep... IN ALL AREAS OF OUR LIVES!
Have stress free day!

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kathyc said...

How kind of you to remind me I'm doing okay!!! I guess I prep in many more areas than I thought, thanks so much for that.

We have two of those laundry baskets with three different sections so my kids already know how to sort! Cool, huh?

And, I do pay all the bills for the week every Sunday so I don't have to worry about it during our busy week.

Thanks to you, I'll cut myself a break! See you Thursday!