Friday, August 22, 2008

Time for Fun Food for School!

Okay... so Back To School is either here, or just around the corner... depending on the school and district. Either way... kids are goin' back some time.
Time to dust off the lunch pails, skewers sticks, pretzels, cheese cubes and 2 oz cups for dips!
Make lunch fun and nutritious!
Those Lunchables are the Devil.
Have you ever read the labels?
62 grams of fat!
No kid needs that!
I have NEVER purchased them, but I did read the labels and it was scary.
One Mom, last year at my kids school, gave 2 to her son every day.
He was about 60 lbs overweight and only in 4th grade.
Make your own!
Press N Seal is the best stuff ever invented!
Cut a large plastic ice cube tray into 6 compartments or buy a smallish tray, fill with fruit, veggies, small meats, cheese etc... and cover with Glad Press n Seal and voila!
Wholesome, nutritious, homemade lunchable!
(I haven't seen this anywhere else... but I thought of this when I saw a bunch of metal trays with lunches on them for home use, and was thinking of a way to make it lightweight and easy for lunchpails.
6 inch wooden skewers are the best!
You can make an entire "sandwich" on a skewer! See Above!
Use your imagination!
assorted cheeses
fruit and cheese
the list goes on and on and on!
Kids love these!
You can even string them on thread or unflavored dental floss.
They will have kids BEGGING them to trade... and all the other Mama's will hate you!
Fun Fun Fun!

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