Monday, August 04, 2008

New Bread Blog

Okay... so today was my very last Bread Blog.
At least on this blog.
I have opened up a new blog...
Dedicated to baking bread
It's at
I have invited other authors to post on this blog too.
So far I have invited Andi and DD, and if they take me up on it... they can post all they want on it and it will show up on the front page...not the comment section!
Adrian... I would love to invite you too, but I don't have your personal e mail address to invite you with. If you would like to be included, just e mail me at
and I will invite ya!
I want all my bread buddies to be involved with this particular blog!
Post pictures, successes, failures etc...
I want this to be interactive!
I am not the only one with enthusiasm for holes in bread... giddiness about crumb and just
being a bread baking cheerleader!
There are others like me... and it feels great!
Bread Nerds Unite!
Love ya!

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