Monday, March 31, 2008

Gotta do it!

Sometimes... ya just gotta do whatcha gotta do.
Have you ever realized... I mean really looked into... ever truly seen...
Have you ever realized how MUCH food we have on hand and any one given time?
We Americans are guilty of a lot of waste with our food. European refrigerators and cupboards are small... for a reason... they shop for each main meal, everyday. I know, I know we don't have the time for all that... I'm guilty most of all!
I decided, yesterday, after assessing what I needed to go shopping for the house after our vacation... that I was going to do something drastic this week... sort of as an experiment.
So here is what I am doing...
I am going to go to the store for only a few things...(yes I know we all say that and come home with enough food to feed a third world country)... the few things are
Milk, bread, eggs and a few veggies and fruit. I will not bring my wallet or debit card and will only carry the amount of cash I think I will need.
That's it!
Everything else will come from my pantry or freezer and will be used up this week.
I am going to base all meals I prepare from what is leftover in them. So if we have... say... rice, chicken patties and oatmeal for dinner... so be it!
I am a true believer in the addage that "necessity is the Mother of invention". I want to clear out some of the food stuffs that are stuffing up my pantry, and who knows... I might come up with some pretty snazzy recipes I might never have before!
We might be having cheese chunks on pretzel sticks for dinner one night... but hey! There are people in our very own country that would kill for that meal!
I'm gonna get frugal this week. I will post the concoctions I come up with as they appear, and I will be taking pictures of them.
I also have a challenge for you...
If you see that your have food in your freezer or pantry that has been there for a while...
use it, be creative with it, and let me know about it!
With all the extra room you make, and money you'll save this week, maybe some of the space can be taken up in the future by a really cool appliance or something you have been wanting for a while!
Who knows! Maybe we will all find out that we only need what we actually need and not what we think we need in our kitchens, and be better able to afford the astronomical price of petrol!
When were were in Italy, Gas there was 7.00 a Liter! That's almost 21 bucks a gallon!
No wonder they shop for only what they need for the meal!
Let me know if you take the challenge!
I'll be posting soon!


Letti said...

This is something that I need to do.

kathyc said...

Hhhmmm, what about emergency supplies? I always use that as my excuse.

DeeDee said...

We could eat for awhile.

Saundra said...

I think a lot of families could eat for a long while.

Saundra said...
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