Monday, March 10, 2008


I can't help it. I feel all healthy and giddy when I go in there. I don't know if it's the island theme I love, or the really awesome staff, or the cute island shirts they wear or the incredible prices.
I went in there today, armed with my 6 Trader Joes re-usable bags, and walked out with them overflowing for a measly $76!
I bought tomatoes, tri colored potatoes, almonds, lavosh, bread, pasta, soup, avocados, cream cheese, whole wheat wraps, sharp provolone, tzaziki dip, balsamic vinegar, no Rbst milk... get this... 2 for $3.99!
I should work for them, at the door, barking how awesome the store is. I could docent for them, taking each shopper by the cart and showing them around, what I love, what tastes good.
I came home and made Lavosh wraps for the two older boys for dinner on the road tonight, after basketball practice but before baseball game and umpiring.
Tomorrow, I am driving Johhny and I over to the Aquarium in Long Beach for a field trip, so tonight I am packing a yummy lavosh for us to share.
Lavosh is just a jewish flat bread that is rectangular and makes great wraps. It's bubbly and soft and has a great chewy texture, quite unlike tortillas that tend to tear if not heated.
Tomorrow night, I think I'll make Chicken Enchilada's the gringo way... easy.
Have a happy night!


angela said...

What are enchiladas the gringo way?

Letti said...

I can honestly say that I have never been to Trader joe's. Maybe I should take a field trip over there. Thanks so much for posting your weekly menu.

Saundra said...

Angela, it means no rolling, just doing it layered like a casserole.

Letti!!! WHAT???? I think a field trip is in order!!! How can you live near me and not have been! It's a travesty! I will take you and show you around.