Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Buy Bread on Sale

Have you ever ran out of bread?
Isn't it frustrating?
Don't you wish there was a magic box that kept bread fresh for you for long periods of time?
There is!!! Your Freezer!
All bread can be frozen. I buy it on sale, and it can be very expensive at full price... and I store loaves in my freezer. I adore the 100% whole Wheat multi grain bread from Costco and you can only buy it in 2 loaf packs. So I buy 3 packs and keep one in my fridge and the rest in my freezer. No mold, so dryness, and it's really easy to butter when it frozen for grilled cheese sandwiches, if your butter isn't soft!
3 packs lasts this household about 10 days... and it is great bread. It has 5! count them 5 grams of fiber per slice, that Costco stuff does.
My long time friend Andrea turned me on to Panera bread recently, and I love their Mulit grain bread too. I stop there on my way home from school on Wednesdays and get a piping hot loaf for garlic bread for dinner with Peasant Pasta. Recipe to follow.
Gotta go get my house show ready!!!
Homework: Buy bread on sale and freeze it! It's a cool thing!
Peasant Pasta
1 head cabbage
2 med onions
Olive Oil
Penne pasta, or any kind you love, except long
In Large Stock Pot, boil water for Pasta and salt the water.
Heat large skillet, add Olive Oil, add sliced onion and saute until just tender, add thinly sliced cabbage and saute until light browned on some edges, salt lightly while cooking,
Set aside.
Cook Pasta in boiling water until Al Dente, drain and add it to the cabbage mixure, toss, adding more olive oil to coat the pasta.
Grate some good hard Italian Cheese and serve with garlic bread. My kids LOVE this recipe!
The cabbage is sweet when saute'd and the onions are just divine.
After you make it once, tweak it to suit your tastes, and add whatever you like.

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