Sunday, March 09, 2008

Pizza Heaven tonight!

I practiced what I preached today.
I used whatever I had in my pantry and fridge to make dinner and prep for the week.
I'm done.
They ate Pizza today. Homemade crust "white" pizzas.
What's a "white" pizza?
It's a pizza without red sauce. When I make pizza, I rarely use sauce.
Today I saute'd up some thinly sliced eggplant, onions, red pepper, and scallions.
William and I made the foccacia crusts (enough for 5 pizzas) and gathered whatever cheeses we had in the fridge.
So we ended up with Feta, Sharp Provolone, Swiss and a little Mozzarella.
I also had some cooked chicken breast from a mini prep on Wed.
After the dough rose for 2 hours, we spread all the dough over 5 stones.
Drizzled all of them with Olive Oil and began to build our pizzas.
2 were for tonights dinner with a huge salad.
2 are for later in the week, and 1 was left as plain foccacia, so I could make their lunch sandwiches with it for the week.
2 batches of dough makes 4 pizza normally, but I like to make thin crust pizza so I got 5 out of them.
2 were BBQ chicken Pizza, with a sprinkle of mixed cheese
2 were Feta, onion, eggplant and red pepper, with a sprinkle of Pecorino Romano.
We had one of each tonight, and later on in the week we will have the other two. We will just need to reheat them for a few minutes and make a quick salad.
I got all my onions, peppers, cukes, celery and potatoes chopped, and I boil 8 eggs for egg salad later in the week, or just if the boys want a quick snack packed with protein.
I pre shredded some cheeses for fajitas or quesadillas this week,
and I cooked off some chicken breast for another meal yet to be determined. It all depends on what I find that's lovely at the grocery store tomorrow.
Now it's time for bed. "The Friday Night Knitting Club" book is waiting for me on my nightstand.
Happy Cooking!
Let me know if you are able to prep this week, and what it was! I want to learn too!
Ciao for now!


Letti said...

Saundra next time you make pizza dough could you invite me over to learn how. I have never made it before and I would love to learn.

Saundra said...

Absolutely! I was gonna send you over a slice, but the boys inhaled it!