Sunday, March 16, 2008


I have another show today...
So after the lovely ladies leave, my day will officially begin.
I have onions, celery, and peppers to slice and chop.
I'm going to make 7 PB & J sandwiches and a bunch of celery with peanut butter, for a quick kid snack during the week. There are 2 baseball games, 2 basketball games, 3 Tae Kwon Do classes, 2 baseball practices, 2 basketball practices and 2 shows this week, so, handy, good for them snacks, are a must.
I'm also going to make another huge batch of carrot/raisin salad for the week. William loves it packed in his lunch. I think he is looking orange this week.
For dinner tonight, it's Pasta and Garlic Bread with Spinach Salad, and dessert of frozen grapes, peaches and mangos.
I will post my menu for the week when I go grocery shopping in the morning.
Go get whatever you know will be difficult to accomplish this week, as far as food goes, and get it prepped. It is freeing... I promise!
Happy Chopping!


kathyc said...

You sure have a lot of every Saundra. I k now we hvae to have energy raising three boys, but you're a great example. My hubby is grilling tonight so I can save a few brain cells tonight.

See you at the game tomorrow.

Saundra said...

I love it when the men grill! It does feel like a night off!

No, not energy, I'm just cheap. I'd rather spend money on tangible items and not eating out or lunches from school.