Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stock up on Frozen Goodness

Make mealtimes quick and easy...
I shop at Smart N Final or Costco for almost all my groceries.
I stock up on
frozen corn
chinese type veggies.
That way... in a pinch, I can add... oh I don't know... say...
Frozen strawberries to my blender with a little fruit juice and make my own
"syrup" for pancakes. It only takes a second and it TASTES FABULOUS over pancakes or a white BOX cakes mix, instead of frosting.
The frozen veggies can be plopped into a microwave safe bowl, and nuked for a few minutes.
Add a pat of butter and a little salt... and viola! Veggies side dish!
I love the Pacific Sea boxed soups from Smart N Final, but they are boring for the kids...
so while it's cooking, I throw in some frozen veggies and it bulks the soup up.
Add some crusty bread and a beautiful salad... and Yummy Yum Yum!
Easy supper!
With all the running around, shopping, kid parties, soccer tournaments, practices, school functions etc...
Dinner needs to be quick, easy and delicious!
Frozen FRESH foods...
They are a Great Thing!

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Lilly's Life said...

Thanks for the tips. They say that frozen veges are often more nutritional anyway I think. Love your ideas Saundra.