Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Get organized to relieve holiday stress...

Yes... I actually practice what I preach.
We are going away for a week soon, and I have been prepping for the last 5 days for it.
Just made all the lists, did the shopping, and now it's time to assemble the food
I am going to prepare during our stay.
Here is my menu, and how I am prepping...
Chicken Enchiladas & Rice
I am making them all ahead of time, cooking them, then we will reheat on site.
To make it easier for when I actually assemble... I've preshredded the cheese, and pre cooked the chicken. Easy Peasy.
I've precooked the rice, and all I have to do is add the seasonings and the frozen corn and it's done! It freezes really well.
Salmon Spread
Pre cut the green onions, drained the canned salmon.
Hot Dogs
(Hebrew National, pricey... but the ONLY ones not made with butts or noses)
I chopped all the onions and bought a can of chili to top them with.
Corn Chowder
Cut all the onions, made the chicken stock, bought the potatoes.
Corn Bread Bake
Chopped all the onions, peppers, bought the chicken and apple sausage, and the best cornbread mix ever, Trader Joes brand.
Tuna Salad
Chopped all the onion
(see a pattern here??? I did all the onions ALL AT ONCE. saved me a lot of time.)
Chopped the sweet pickle
Mixed the mayo with Dill mix, grainy mustard, and salt and pepper so it is flavorful.
When I actually begin to do the cooking and assembling... all I will have to do is grab the items out of the fridge, and do it. It won't take me hours and hours, just maybe about 1-2 hours,
and I will have 7 days worth of meals, for pennies on the dollar.
These are just the main meals, and we will have fruit, lunch meats, salads etc...
to round out the meals.
It sounds like a lot of work... but when it is done over days and spread out into manageable parts, you hardly feel it!
The last thing I want to do is do all kinds of cooking and slaving over a stove just before leaving for a holiday... that's too much torture.
Breaking it down into bite size pieces is much more fun, and it doesn't feel so overwhelming.
More tomorrow!

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Jeanne said...

Visiting via Lilly's....

My husband will only buy Hebrew National -- he must have a sixth sense for butts and noses!