Monday, December 08, 2008

PREP 101 AGAIN....

So many people feel the crunch of the Holidays... and get a case of the Have to's and Need to's.
You know... the
Have to... shop, wrap, visit, shop some more, cook an 8 course meal, clean, blog, knit, sew,
and on and on and on...
And all the Need to's ... I need to lose weight, cut my hair, do all the laundry, clean out the cupboards, iron all my clothes, etc...
Love our family...
Be kind to yourself and others...
Do what you can/want to do, and don't stress the rest!
LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS of people hate to cook.
I get told this by at least 2 people at every single show.
They, inevitably, buy the most products.
Every time.
Here's what I believe...
A lot of the hatred of cooking is really the stress and worry of not knowing what to cook and not having the ingredients at the ready.
Really, it's all the steps leading up the to the actual cooking that people don't like.
Cooking is the easy, less time consuming step.
Well... if you have been reading this blog for some time, and you haven't taken my advice and haven't been trying to look at cooking from my perspective... well then... I don't know what to tell ya. Hop on board.
Prep is the way to Kitchen Nirvana.
I promise.
Meal planning is great.
It's a great first step.
You MUST go one step further though... to really get in the swing of things.
You must PREPare yourself ahead of time.
Let's face it... you wouldn't go for a drive without your car... would you?
Or go shopping without your wallet?
or play baseball without a bat? would you?
No... of course not!
So why enter your kitchen every night and start from scratch every. single. time?
Why do that to yourself!
Right now...
Go get an onion.
Go on... I'll wait...
Tick tock... tick tock, tick tock... tick tock...
Okay... now get a knife. Hurry!
Chop it up or slice it now. Now! Go on!
Put those bits into a zip lock bag and put it in the fridge. Go ahead... it won't hurt.
Now... got grab some frozen chicken or ground beef from the freezer.
Defrost it and cook it up, and place THAT into a zip lock bag.
Now... how long did that take you?
You are now free to cure cancer and promote world peace.
See what I mean?
It does NOT TAKE UP YOUR WHOLE DAY to prep food for another day or 6.
The first time is ALWAYS the hardest. ALWAYS!
You have just prepped the beginnings of either
Sloppy Joes
Meat Sauce
See what I mean? Once you PREPare yourself, the possibilities are ENDLESS!
No go on...
Get your prep on... and report back here and tell me what you chopped, sliced, diced or precooked.
I'll post my menu in a bit.
Letti, this one was for you.
I know you hate to cook... but girl... you need to make it easy on yourself.
You live 2 doors down from me.
Get your butt over here and watch what I do... and do it at home.
I don't enjoy cooking either... believe me.
I just like buying the tools and selling the stuff.
I'm waiting...come on now...


Letti said...

I will have to catch you the next time you prep. I was taking a nap and now we are going to get our Christmas tree. Please let me know the next time you are prepping I really want to see how you do it. Thanks Letti

Shellie said...

Ok, you are now my new BFF because although I LOVED to cook (did you notice the past tense?) I'm a disorganized mess. I have no executive functioning er functioning in my brain anymore. That's what 5 kids will do for you. BUT now my HUSBAND is going to change from the night to the day shift and I am going to have to make real dinners again. It's a scary thought, so I will be stalking your archives.