Thursday, November 13, 2008

More prep steps

It's been a while...I know!
I have been cooking and taking pictures galore...but the upload isn' working.
Are you doing you prep?
Are you spending 5-10 minutes each night getting ready for the next day's meals?
Even if you pre cut an onion... you'll be pleasantly surprised how much time that saves you tomorrow.
I have been setting out the breakfast dishes and utensils the night before, to cut down on the morning rush. We have to take the freeway to school each morning... and it is becoming increasingly more jammed each day... so saving a few minutes of bowl and spoon getting really saves precious minutes the next morning.
If you can stand it... set the table for dinner in the morning either before you get ready for work, or just before you leave for the day.
I swear, you will thank me!
One more thing you won't have to worry about doing just to get dinner on the table.
Hope this helps!

1 comment:

Lorie said...

I really need to get better about planning my meals ahead of time! I am going to have to follow this blog for inspiration!