Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Cream Cheese Mix ins

Have you ever run out of cereal at your house?
Is your house is like mine... when that happens, it's like the entire world has come to a screeching halt!
I'm tired of buying cereal. I wanted to shake things up a bit and get a little creative with breakfast for my men.
No... nothing extravagant... just maybe some pre made on Sunday night pancakes one day,
or an super easy scone recipe I have.
Lately it's been my Cinnamon Raisin Bread that gets 'em out of bed in the morning.
I don't mind being creative... I just don't want to have to get out of bed to make stuff for them all the time.
So that's where prep comes in really handy.
Absolutely everything that can be done Then it isn't a drudgery to make.
So... this weeks homework is...
Well, of course I know you can buy a tub of flavored bliss in the stores... but those containers are expensive and my kids would go through one a day! They cost almost 4 bucks a pop!
No thank you... I'll just do it myself.
So... might I suggest you purchase a large block of cream cheese from either Costco or Smart n Final. WWWAAAAYYY cheaper than the little 8 oz. things. It's either 2 bucks for 8 oz, or you can spend 6 bucks for 48 oz.
Let it sit out for about 20 minutes to take the chill off, and cut 4 oz blocks for each flavor.
I like to use my PC Prep Bowl Set for storing the mixed cheese.
Then just mix away.
Brown sugar and cinnamon
Fresh strawberry preserves
Blueberry preserves
Onion and Chives
Fresh Chopped Veggies and Dill
My favorite mix in? Sweet/Hot Chili Sauce from Trader Joes!


Adrian/Randy said...

what a great idea. I have never given my boys cream cheese...I am going to do this. I think they will love the mix in's. Where do you come up with all this?

Saundra said...

It's a gift.

NO! Seriously... I try to make the convenience foods.

Even though we can afford to buy hundreds of dollars in groceries, doesn't mean we should.

I live saving money for things that last longer than a meal.

So necessity helps me make the things we want.

kathyc said...

I like to mix in the Chiptole Ranch seasoning from PC. Many rave about it when I spread it on sliced baggettes (spelling?) and add a thin slice of cucumber.