Thursday, January 22, 2009

Eat a meal TOGETHER...

It is time to get cookin' people!
Families are in need of an hour a day of 'downtime'.
Dinnertime should be that time.
We all really need to set aside a dinner hour, for conversation, table manners,
catching up, venting, laughing, solving the worlds problems, and
enjoying breaking bread together.
It seems like the buzz words these days are...
"But our lives are so busy, we don't have time to eat together..."
I beg to differ.
We all have time and make time for what is important to each of us.
Some people watch countless hours of TV a night... time was made for that...
Some people clean their house at night... time was made for that...
Some people... like me... are chauffering their kids to and from activities...time is made for that...
Why can't dinner or any meal, for that matter, be scheduled in?
Can't do an hour?
1/2 hour is fine too!
Just make sure to sit down somewhere, where the TV is off, and the family has to engage in conversation. That's the key. No distractions.
Together means just that... together.
It breaks my heart to have heard and seen that some families will cook the meal together,
then scatter to different parts of the house to eat it, either in front of the TV, computer, or with earphones on, in their room.
We are only together for a short period of time... then the kids grow up... and then what?
Do you want your grandkids eating in their rooms?
No.. of course not.
Buy a bag of salad, buy a Costco Roasted Chicken, and microwave some frozen corn in a bowl
and dinner is served.
You don't have to be a gourmet cook to eat dinner with your family.
Just make it a point to sit together.
You'll see how much you will want to please your family and yourself with
new things to cook, taste and do for the table.
Go on... give it a try...
Tell me what your family eating experiences are like.
If you would like help or suggestions on how to get them around the table... post the comment
here and I will answer it either publicly on the blog, or privately if you so wish.
Thanks for reading.


Adrian said...

I tried to post on your other blog...but it didn't like me today. I am so excited you got your book. I cant wait to see some pictures of it!!! I want to know if you are happy with the quality of the pictures....they dont look grainy do they? All of a sudden I got worried thinking my pictures might not look so good. My camera is 10 mgpixeles, but I know that blogspot puts them at a much lower resolution. Soooo...tell me if your happy. I am about halfway done editing mine. These darn kids keep wanting food and baths, stories, etc...dont they realize I am trying to document history here...who cares who's fed!! :)

Michele said...

Just stopping by for a quick visit to thank you for paying me a visit on my big, bloggy day on Thursday! I appreciate your comment.