Thursday, April 16, 2009

Go to Pasta meals

Holy Cow!
I don't know how you working moms do it!
I have only been running the Snack Bar for 3 weeks, and I'm pooped!
Sometimes to tired to cook!
I a cook, and I don't wanna do it!
Lately, my go to meals have been Pasta based...
Pasta cooks quickly, there are myriad of sauces that can be used, and with some
fresh, crusty bread, and a salad... dinner can be done in a flash... especially if you use
Cappelini... it only takes 5 minutes to cook.
Last night, I had some leftover zucchini, and a tons of onions, so I make a pasta meal out of it.
I sliced up the 2 large zucchini, and a huge onion in to slivers.
Placed them into a piping hot skillet with some olive oil and saute'd away.
Meanwhile, I had my Pasta water going, salted of course, and ready for the Cappelini
as soon as the veggies were done and crisp tender.
When they were both done, I put the Pasta into the skillet with the veggies, added a touch more olive oil and sprinkled with my New Pampered Chef garlic and Parmesan dipping seasoning.
It was good! Not overpowering, but good.
I usually don't use powdered anything in my cooking, but I had this on hand, it's new from the Spring season, and it was good!
I also love making a peasant dish using the same technique except substituting the zucchini for shredded cabbage.
My kids can't get enough of it.
We call it Peasant Pasta... because it's so easy and cheap to make.
My hubby will even make it if I'm away on business!


♥ Braja said...

Oh yUM! Pasta! And you started by saying "Holy cow"!! And you know that is what WINS MY HEART :)

Anonymous said...

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