Monday, March 23, 2009

Pantry Raid II

It's Spring...
and that usually means Spring Cleaning...
and in my house...
it means cleaning out my pantry and using up all the food that has been sitting
in it for almost 6 months.
Why do this?
Because I spent good money on these items,
and I need to get our hard earned money's worth of what we buy.
You might be like me, and you might overbuy, say... chocolate chips around Christmas time because they are on sale... and now I have 7 bags of Nestle Chocolate Chips... and they are
taking up valuable room in my pantry.
So... to use them up, so they don't turn grey and taste "off" eventually, I am making a batch of Tollhouse cookies every Sunday Afternoon.
Not only does my family love this... I am saving money on buying sweets, making them myself, and using less butter, adding wheat germ or Flax seedmeal, and making them more nutritious.
I also overpurchased fish this winter... so before it gets freezer burn, we will be having
fish every Wednesday.
I will only shop for things like Milk, cheese, and condiments as needed, while I am
trying to get creative and make meals with only what is in my pantry.
It is a great way to develop new recipes, make better use of the money we spend, and
make room in the pantry for new blessings.
I also over purchased whole bean coffee, that we will happily be using every morning.
So... what's in your pantry?
Got too many boxed soups, or cans of beans?
Use them up before buying any more groceries that doesn't come from the perimeter of the
grocery store.
You'll be glad you did!


Life with Kaishon said...

I don't have a pantry. But I do have tons of stuff in my cabinets. I need to do this. I love the chocolate chip idea : ). Very nice. We love chocolate chip cookies at our house.

Femin Susan said...

Enjoy the spring. In my place I haven't see rain for ages.